Home decorating with antiques and country store elements

Combining antique country store pieces with modern farmhouse decor can create a charming and unique aesthetic that blends rustic charm with contemporary elegance. Here are some tips on how to achieve this look:

Key Elements

  1. Furniture:
    • Antique Shelving and Cabinets: Use old wooden shelves and cabinets from country stores to display modern decor items or kitchenware. Their weathered look adds character.
    • Farm Tables: Incorporate a sturdy, rustic farm table as a focal point in your dining area. Pair it with modern chairs for a contrasting look.
  2. Decorative Items:
    • Vintage Signage: Old metal or wooden signs from country stores can be used as wall art. Look for signs with faded paint and interesting typography.
    • Antique Stained Glass Windows: Antique glass windows provide a link to history by combining the artistic design from a former home into todays decoration.
    • Old Farm Tables: Incorporating antique farm tables into today’s decor is a fantastic way to blend timeless rustic charm with contemporary design elements. These tables are versatile and can serve as striking focal points in various rooms.
  3. Antique Work Benches: Repurposing antique workbenches can add a unique, vintage touch to various spaces in your home. These pieces bring a sense of history and craftsmanship, making them both functional and decorative.


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